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Curriculum Themes


September 6–16 Getting to Know Myself and My Classroom
September 18–30 Getting to Know My Family and Friends
October 2–14 Leaves are Falling
October 16–28 Apples and Pumpkins
October 31November 11 Community Helpers
November 13–22 Family Togetherness
November 28December 9 Holiday Celebration!


January 9–20 Winter Wonderland
January 23February 3 Animals that Hibernate
January 29February 3 Chinese New Year
February 6–17 Love and Kindness
February 19–24 Dental Health
February 26March 10 Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
March 13–17, 27–31 Beginning of Spring
April 3–14 Spring Animals
April 17–28 Celebrate our Earth
May 1–12 Celebrate Good Times!

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program, provided by Jeanett de Jong from Explore & More Children’s Museum, invites and inspires children to look at the world around them and through the eyes of an artist. The question of "what do you see?" can last a lifetime. The children learn to use their senses and focus their perception to learn about and and interpret all that’s around them through the world of art. With practical application, children create a sense of "mastering by doing", whether through painting, drawing or any medium and/or technique needed to facilitate one's self-expression. Guiding steps will help children to build their own visual and verbal language.


Yoga is child-centered class, incorporating the practice of mindfulness and utilizing the imagination through imagery. Children learn poses, stretches, and sequences of movement, while discovering their breath and how it connects with their body and mind. Students learn to self-regulate, collaborate and problem solve. Each yoga class integrates the curricular theme of the preschool classroom.