ECRC Families Archive: Yuhasz

The Yuhasz Family

MacDiarmid Family group photo
The Yuhasz Family: Kirsten, George ("Budd"), Andrew, and Evelyn.

"We love to play outside together in our backyard. Whether it’s building a snowman, bird-watching, making s’mores, grilling, or just sitting by the fire enjoying the night sky...we really love being out there together. But, since the weather doesn’t always cooperate, we also like family movie nights and reading books together."

George Yuhasz
George works as a senior manager at M&T Bank. He enjoys spending time with the family, reading books and teaching martial arts. As an actor in a prior life, George now has the role of a lifetime playing every character his kids can think up.

Kirsten Yuhasz
As a stay-at-home mom, Kirsten enjoys finding ideas on Pinterest for fun, educational things she can make for or do with the kids. Her son has autism and her daughter has sensory processing issues, so Kirsten spends lots of time advocating for her kids as well as learning all she can about special needs issues. Somehow, she also finds the time to belly dance and do yoga.

Andrew Yuhasz
Andrew is in first grade, but he is also an alumnus of ECRC. He is a whiz at reading and math, and loves to play some pretty impressive songs on the piano. Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" is a favorite. Andrew also loves looking up at the night sky. The family thinks Andrew may take after Dad in acting as he not only enjoys making the family laugh, but he also likes trying out different scenes from his favorite DVD's or his iPad.

Evelyn Yuhasz
Evelyn finishes her final year at ECRC before starting kindergarten. Evelyn loves her Disney princesses, her stuffed animal toys and pretending to cook decadent meals in her play kitchen. She also enjoys chasing after the household cats and modeling her vast collection of tutus. She is also voted the silliest, most up-beat family member by far.